THE END. . .FOR NOW! Issue #1 script finished.


It hasn’t been an easy venture, but I can finally say that I am finished with issue one of my first comic book script. I have been moonlighting for the last month, trying to balance my day job and piece together a perfect story. I know where I am going. I have planned the beginning, middle and end; but I never cease to surprise myself. I feel like my characters are coming to life. I feel like their world is becoming more real to me. It’s almost as if I can smell the rain in the city street.

I have decided to release a section of the script to celebrate my accomplishment. I can’t honestly say that you will understand it from the excerpt that I am posting, but maybe it will lure you in just enough to keep following me on my journey to success! This excerpt is of Gale and his Childhood friend/it’s complicated friend’s video conference. Enjoy!

This panel is starting inside of a flashback that Gale is having. Please excuse the formatting on this medium. I reformatted it this way for this blog in hopes that people can read it on a smartphone with no issues.

Panel 13: INT. Gale’s Apartment. Night.

(FLASH) Gale sits in front of his computer on a video call with someone. There is a plaque in front of him that reads, “GALE NORMAN ATTORNEY”. A smart phone is sitting on the desk beside of him. Our hero seems to be in good spirits and the conversation tends to be one of leisure instead of business. The voice from the computer is female and seems perky



That’s right. . . Dr. Rush was so lame. I wished you could have heard him, LAURIE. He has some of the worst lawyer jokes.

Panel 14:

Close in on Gale’s conversation with LAURIE. We now see the face on the video feed of the computer. Laurie perks up, chuckles and asks our hero for an example of a bad joke. Gale is leaning forward with his legs crossed and hands on his knee, thinking of a response.



He he, Like what?



Like. . . I don’t know. I can’t remember any. Remembering poor jokes are not my strong suit.

Page 5

Panel 15:

Laurie’s eyes widen at the opportunity to deliver a bad joke. Our hero develops a smug look on his face. He waves at her to proceed.



Hehe, Ok. . . Well, I got one for ya.



Oh, great. Didn’t know you were taking up comedy now. Go ahead.

Panel 16:

Here we close in on the video feed. Objects in the foreground can still be seen, such as the keyboard, part of the desk and a portion of the wall behind. In the corner of the screen we can still see Gales face in feed at the bottom (think skype).



. . . OK! So. . . Where can you find a good lawyer?



I don’t know. . . Where?



The cemetery! Ha Ha!


(Playfully Serious)

Maybe Dr. Rush wasn’t so bad. . . or maybe you are as equally bad.



I am so hurt. That’s the last time I will ever  try to make you laugh! Ha ha!

Page 6

Panel 17:

The phone on Gales desk sounds a notification and he looks down to view it. We see his reaction from a perspective below the phone which is hanging halfway off of the desk. It cast a soft glow upon our heroes face. Laurie speaks off panel.



Is everything okay?



I don’t know. . . It’s my dad.


That is it folks. I can’t give anything else away. You already know too much in my opinion! Have a great weekend and keep dreaming!


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