Read Beneath The Lines.

Sometimes I find revelation in the most seemingly illogical platforms. It is not that I read into them as much as it is that I just keep an open mind. To the average person a comic book, film, or a fictitious novel is just a dream or admitted lie that someone sells for entertainment. It is not wrong to have that opinion; it is just that I feel that to think of it as that is to believe in a half-truth. I feel this way because I am one of these men and women whom seek to entertain the world with my make belief. I know my intentions of the stories that I create. They are always a reflection of my own personal beliefs. Sometimes I play the “Devils Advocate”, but most often the result supports my own moral construct.

My imagination is my most powerful tool. It lets me escape this world. Sometimes it puts me in a better place and other times it puts me in places that make me feel thankful of the physical world which surrounds me. But never make the assumption that a vivid imagination will carry you away or put you out of touch with reality. It’s quite the opposite in my opinion. I feel it keeps me grounded. When you can create a world inside your own mind that defies the one that has been created for you, you can find solutions to problems that you never perceived. I always want my audience to enjoy my stories. I am an entertainer by nature. However, I urge everyone to pay attention to what lies hidden within the fantastic.

So now that I have told you all of this, you may ask; just what is it that you want me to look out for? What is it that I want you to see?

I want you to pay close attention to the mood and mindset of each character. I guarauntee that you will find that their mood may mimic your own or someone you know. I want you to pay close attention to what happens when they interact with one another because I know that their interactions spawn more realistic reactions than what you may think. I want you to see the consequences of their decisions; for I know without a doubt that they will relate to the consequences we all may suffer today. Most importantly I want you to pay close attention and pin point the main idea when you are finished. The main idea will always incorporate the moral of a story. The moral of the story is the most revealing part and to incorporate one makes the whole process of reading it or viewing it, no matter what medium you use, worth every moment.

It is my intention to influence this generation and to share my introspect on certain issues within the world we live. It has always been my goal to inspire free thought and motivate those who have the ability to make a difference to act.
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