ABBADON: A Graphic Novel by Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray Trailer Release

It gives me great pleasure to have the opportunity to be able to release Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray’s new graphic novel trailer, ABBADON, produced by Adaptive Books. In this American Western style Comic, Palmiotti takes you back to the late 1800’s into the sin shrouded, dystopian city of Abbadon.  Although it seems that the city is prosperous and growing it has been plagued by a series of murderous crimes that spawns the presence of the protagonist, US Marshall Wes Garrett (A lawman with an impressive past). In pursuit of his arrival, Wes exposes a secret that the town’s Sheriff has been trying to conceal and discovers that these serial murders seem to mimic the actual case that had once made him famous. Eventually Garrett and the Sheriff join forces to solve the crimes together. However, it’s not so simple; in a town that is so consumed with corruption. . . EVERYONE is a suspect.

I really hope you all enjoyed this trailer as much as I did. Everyone knows that this is my first time doing a promo for someone else’s work on my blog, so you have to know that I really believe in their project! Please go grab a copy of this wild western work of art on 10/20/2015 or if you just like to be an early bird and guarantee your copy you can pre-order here: PRE-ORDER TODAY! Some common carriers are iBooks, Barnes and Nobel, Indiebound, and Amazon.

Jimmy Palmiotti is a multi-award-winning writer and comic artist and the co-founder of Paperfilms. He has collaborated with Justin Gray on works such as the TV series Painkiller Jane, Powergirl and Jonah Hex for DC Comics, Back to Brooklyn for Image Comics, and also worked with Amanda Conner on DC Comics’ Harley Quinn.

ABOUT ADAPTIVE BOOKSadaptive-logoAdaptive Books, the publishing imprint of Adaptive Studios, publishes ten to twelve titles each year, from middle grade and young adult novels to adult fiction. Their unique business model is to acquire underappreciated, abandoned Hollywood content and turn those works into exciting, fresh, and compelling publishing properties. Adaptive creates new value in these revitalized projects as they convert them into more traditional film and television formats, as well as emerging digital platforms.

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