N.M. Beguesse’s, Angelboy: A Strange Review


I had met N.M. Beguesse at Jekyll Island Comic-Con in 2014.  I was there for an early Christmas present from my wife, and I was only browsing through everyone’s set-up when I was approached by  a very nervous, although excited young lady.  I won’t lie;  I was only trying to be nice and listen to what she had to say and then move on. Truthfully, I was not there to get into anything new or buy something I hadn’t researched. In fact, I didn’t  even like Manga. However, when I opened up a copy of volume 1 and glanced through as she was talking, I could see that she had placed a bit of her soul in each page of this book. Everything  was hand drawn, which is very rare in the industry today. Most use digital art in Photoshop. I think it is safe to say that her art had drawn my interest. So I quietly scratched my email on the list and nodded goodbye. It was until she sent me an email advertising a debut date for Vol. 2 when I realized, I didn’t read Vol. 1! That was one year later and I felt terrible. So much had been going on in my life with me trying to start my own comic that I had forgotten to help out another creative. So I did what I knew best! I got in touch with N.M., apologized for the lateness, and asked if she would like a review. She said, Sure. It was not but maybe 2 weeks later that I had my very own signed copy of Angelboy.


I will never like a superhero comic. I feel like they serve their purpose for shaping and molding young children’s imagination. As for the adult, it is not beneficial to hold on to these unrealistic expectations of what a hero is supposed to look or be like. That being said, you have to realize what I thought I was getting into. The title, Angelboy, sounded like any other superhero comic I could get my hands on. Honestly aside from the beautiful art, it felt like it was going to be a chore. However, my biggest flaw is being so prejudice about what I read.  I had to get over it and dive in. To my surprise it wasn’t close to being an average superhero comic. The main character goes through normal human issues and emotions even in his afterlife. I did love it and cannot wait for Vol. 2.


I will never write spoilers but I will tell you the plot, in case you are wondering. This book is dark from the very beginning. In this black and white manga, even the first nine pages of introduction are more black than they are white, which I feel mimics the agonizing experience that the hero is going through at that moment. Right from the start she sets you up with conditions of the environment surrounding the character.

It is raining and you  don’t know where you are. All you know is that you are witnessing a brutal murder; the murder of the young boy named Cyrus. After these 9 pages of senseless murder, you open up into a world where you find the young boy Cyrus lying underneath a tree as if it was all just a dream. However, as the hero sits up he reveals some really strange appendages. . . WINGS! Small, budding wings? But wings are wings! Maybe they will mature. This isn’t the only thing surprising Cyrus though. He literally has no idea where he is. So. . . He does what any kid would do. He curiously explores until he soon find out that no one around him can see or talk to him.

I may be getting into too much detail so I will zoom through the rest. Cyrus’ new found knowledge of his second chance leads him to discover that he can now help people so they do not have to experience what he has. He ends up rescuing someone and fighting their antagonist, yet not just the antagonist, but the forces of evil which drive that antagonist. In the end he saves the day for one family and still realizes he hasn’t found anything out about his new. . . condition.  Eventually he learns that he has been transported about 1,000 miles from where he needs to be to solve the mystery of his own mortality.

. . . I won’t tell you guys the secret at the end. Oh no! You have to learn that one on your own!. . .


Well check this out! If you order a copy of Angelboy today you can already be guaranteed that the second volume will be releasing sometime in the first half of this year! You won’t have to wait near as long as everyone else to find out what happens!


I would give Angelboy:

  •  4.5 out of 5 stars for the artwork
  • 4 out of 5 stars for story content
  • Overall I give it a 4.25 rating.

Do not be deterred or influenced by this rating. Please read it for yourself to come up with your own opinions. Maybe you can give a review as well! This is a great story  and it is far from over. This means it has a lot of room for improvement.


Buy here on Amazon!

Or find it on Angelboy.com!





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