9 March 2016 UPDATE:

It hasn’t been easy. Writing a comic, that is. If it had been easy, though, it would have never been worth trying. I don’t do this because it’s easy. I do this because it’s one of the hardest things that I will ever do in my life. It requires me to be both artist and businessman. It mandates that I work well with others but not be such a pushover.  It requires me to creatively express some respectable opinions through a medium that has yet to be respected by some. But most of all it screams that I never give up.

Giving up has always been way too easy for me.

Angela had once thought I was giving up because of my “TONE” in the emails. I assured her that this was not the case and that I was only practicing poor netiquette. I hope she forgave me. I am thankful to have an artist worry as much as I do about Gale.


I have been saving this progress page for something worth sharing. Before, Gale was just an idea that we were fleshing out. Then Gale became a script. After that we had to figure out what the right look would be for this story. Now, finally, we have decided what that look would be.

I know that in the past I have release script excerpts and some of you have enjoyed reading them. I plan to sort of do the same thing today, except this time I am releasing what will be the standard of every comic page we print and you get to see the story come to life in front of your eyes (at least a small percent for now :-/). I want to show this to you today because I need your support, and I need you to know that we can do this and we will. I am not giving up. NOT TODAY.

This is the finished issue #1 page 3 of my neo-noir comic book in the works, GALE: The Calm. #GaleComic



Hope you like it! Follow us on twitter @gale_comic.

Stay tuned for more updates and an Interview with the artist. If you guys have questions you want to ask us, tweet us or DM us.

27 March 2016 UPDATE:

If you have been following my blog posts recently you may have seen the release of our cover for GALE: The Calm Issue #1 at the end of my interview with artist, Angela Zhang. You can reach her @zhangahstudio on Twitter! Anyway if you missed it first, here it is. I hope you guys have enjoyed following along for the last few months.gale-cover01

Stay tuned for next time. In the meantime I will be working on a monologue and Angela will be working on gathering material to give you guys a Trailer to advertise for our crowd funding campaign in the works. We will also be working on a website. As always, thanks for your support.